The MamaZen platform is designed to transform parenting with cognitive hypnotherapy & mindfulness, by offering an extensive library of 500+ science-based Mindpower Sessions to support your employees.


What is MamaZen?

MamaZen is a mental wellness platform for families, and we know one of the biggest challenges working parents are facing is creating work-life balance. Well, MamaZen significantly improves the mental and emotional wellbeing of the parent. It helps to create work-life balance. It reduces stress and burnout rates. It ensures smoother transitions, like pregnancy, coming back from maternity leave, or even pumping at work. Well, we're in partnership with SHRM to support the PWFA and PUMP Act because SHRM really understands the mental state of the parent is very crucial. How do we do this? All our sessions combine cognitive hypnotherapy, CBT, and mindfulness, which makes MamaZen very effective. And because we are available on iOS and Android, we're always in network, and the user can use it 24/7.

How is MamaZen different?

We're an inclusive, accessible, and preventive benefit. We have over 500 Mindpower Sessions, and they include programs for the moms, dads, and the children. We also introduced a new feature, which is 24/7 support from AI coaches to really help with any question or concern the parent has. This is a holistic approach that provides long-term health benefits. And because we're not connecting the employees with outsourced providers, there's no scheduling issues, no wait times. There's no in and out network, and the user can use the sessions as many times they want per day, or the coaches. This is a self-care, non-biased support that provides whatever the parent needs, beginning at pregnancy all the way through adolescence.

Who is a good fit for MamaZen?

Any company that wants to support working parents, and as you can see by our Health Outcomes Survey from last year, we're helping the employees to reduce stress, feel less anxious, sleep better, be more productive, and also, the employers get to have a happier team, healthier team, and increase their retention and productivity.

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Duration: 02:18

Posted: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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