Healthcare Reporting helps Plan Sponsors and Vendors meet Fiduciary Duties of monitoring + controlling health plan spending while remaining compliant in an increasingly complicated environment.


What is Healthcare Reporting?

At our core, Healthcare Reporting is a company that helps plan sponsors to meet their fiduciary duties. And a plan sponsor has, of course, a fiduciary duty to monitor how the plan dollars are being spent. And of course, they also have to make sure that they're compliant with all of the various benefit regulations and we help make that happen. We have a compliance side and a claims side if you want to look at it that way. On the compliance side, we work with plan sponsors and their vendors in the areas of mental health parity, gag clause attestations, which are new this year, RxDC reporting, discrimination testing, ACA reporting, 5500s, and the tracking of vendor fees as well. We also have a piece of software that's called the Fiduciary Dashboard, which educates the clients on all things compliance whenever they need it. On our claims monitoring side, we have a claim analytics and reporting platform called Self-Insured Reporting. It's well known as kind of the gold standard for financial reporting across the industries. The industry, we have thousands of plan sponsors and their vendors using our technology to monitor health plan spending.

How is Healthcare Reporting different?

Our benefit compliance services of course, cover a lot of area and we offer it on a bundle per-employee-per-month fee, which is very different. I don't think anyone else does that. We work directly with plan sponsors at times, but more often it's through their service providers and at times we're the backend vendor for TPAs to deliver their compliance services and things such as that. On the claim monitoring side, we're the only vendor to have really fully integrated the stop-loss contract into our analytics platform, and because of that, we work with a lot of TPAs and essentially, every stop-loss general market, general agent in the market.

Who is a good fit for Healthcare Reporting?

I think we're a good fit for plan sponsors that are trying to meet their fiduciary duties, which is hopefully everybody. Sometimes they contact us directly, but more frequently, we work for their vendors, such as their brokers and TPAs and GA's. Our people do a good job and we try to stay affordable.

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Duration: 02:22

Posted: Thursday, October 5, 2023

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