The QBE Captive Curve

QBE is a direct writing medical stop loss carrier that has focused resources to support our client's needs in the captive market for over 30 years. Now enhanced with The QBE Captive Curve.


What is The QBE Captive Curve?

The QBE Captive Curve is QBE's enhanced captive service support model for medical stop-loss. Now it sits within QBE, which is our global insurer. We are enabling a more resilient future and ultimately being a more consistent and innovative risk partner, and this is a prime example. Now, The QBE Captive Curve sits within QBE North America, which is a medical stop-loss carrier with an A-plus rating, direct writer, with a very diverse book of business.

How is The QBE Captive Curve different?

Well, this was born out of the idea that we have three different advantages with our captive service model. We have over 25 different captive programs today that are very diverse, but it is very difficult to get into this captive space, and ultimately, if you view this as a supply curve, it's difficult to move up and down this supply curve as you see fit. The QBE Captive Curve is built to allow you to utilize different captive approaches, but keeping QBE as your risk partner. Now, the tip of the spear here is Agora, where it's a quality captive program designed to give you customizable stop-loss contracts and give you that upside in terms of the captive surplus that could materialize. We could create white labeled captive programs specifically for your needs. We also have actively managed captive programs that we support today that may be a good fit for an advisor in their book of business. But moving down this curve, we could create single parent captives, we could support multi-line single parent captives, or move into a world in which QBE is not even taking risk within these programs. We are providing our clinical support, underwriting support to let you grow as your own insurance company.

Who is a good fit for The QBE Captive Curve?

So we are starting off by looking at employers that are enrolled with 50 or more employees. Now, we work through benefit advisors that ultimately have a unique strategy. We try to keep a limited group of advisors that we work with and ultimately lean on the ones that are providing better results for their employers. Now, if you have a certain niche of vertical that you specialize in as an advisor or third-party administrator, we can create a captive program specifically around those employers with five or more employers, or moving down this curve more, it's focusing on those risk managers, those individuals that are doing great things for large employers. We can create single parent captives on the fly with over $4 million of stop-loss premium.

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Duration: 02:55

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2023

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