Marpai Health

A SMART health plan services company (TPA) using the most advanced AI/Deep learning to help employer health plans radically reduce claims costs, lower reinsurance premiums up to 20%, while elevating the quality of Care and empowering proactive members health.

What is Marpai Health?

So Marpai Health is the industry's first SMART health plan services company. We bring the most advanced AI and deep learning to the self-funded marketplace, Chris. Our TPA is led by real industry experts, including a former chairperson from the SPBA, and our president, a former leader at Google. Our objective's to change the way that healthcare is administered, focused on preventing costly healthcare events, eliminating or reducing the excessive costs associated with the claims. Our technology and clinical preemptive approach will significantly reduce stop-loss costs while improving the quality of care and empowering the member to make better decisions with their health.

How is Marpai Health different?

Well, we're radically different than any payer in our space, Chris. Our AI scientists have been able to map out and identify potential high-dollar events within the next 12 months that would normally end in a catastrophic claim within a 76% accuracy rate. These AI-powered predictions allow our URAC accredited care guides to proactively engage with members and mitigate costly conditions, putting the member on the best course for their health. Our SMART-powered advisors steer members to the top 10% of providers, ensuring high quality, fair price providers while avoiding unnecessary, excessive doctor visits. We do use pokes and nudges from our Marpai app, as well as emails, and telephonically outreach from our clinical team. Of course, members can access their medical ID cards, deductibles, copays, and telemedicine all in one place. Lastly, we eliminate unnecessary manual processes and automate where we can, to eliminate costly errors and maximize efficiencies.

Who is a good fit for Marpai Health?

So, any self-funded employer who wants a turnkey, high-valued solution from 50 lives to 5,000 lives, should be speaking with us. We've got strategies and plans, which are great for even fully insured groups moving to a self-funded environment, as well as level-funded models. Brokers and consultants looking for innovation or best of breed solutions for their customers should definitely be speaking with us. Additionally, other TPAs and payers considering outsourcing, to reduce the overall cost per claim, are another partner of ours as well.

Duration: 02:55

Posted: Friday, February 18, 2022

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