Green Imaging

National preferred network for medical imaging and diagnostic services offering 60% savings and 5 star concierge service.


What is Green Imaging?

We are one national provider of high quality medical imaging and other medical screening and diagnostic exams. We've added a number of diagnostics at our clients' request, like colonoscopy and colon cancer screening exams.

How is Green Imaging different?

Really, the fact that we're a hundred percent radiologist-owned and operated. There are no unnecessary middlemen, and you know, really our incentives are aligned with those of the member and the employer. The core of our company is a radiology practice, we read over half of the exams performed at our network. And where we don't read the study, we have peer review access to images and reports in case there's ever a question of quality, or ever a need to make sure that that interpretation is one that best lines up with the patient's clinical findings.

Who is a good fit for Green Imaging?

Just about anybody. And by far, the predominance of our clients are self-funded healthcare plans and their huge inflationary costs for those plans right now with imaging and diagnostics, and we can really help curb those costs. And level funded healthcare plans, helps them drive savings. Fully insured health plans. We have employers who just wanna make sure their employees have access to affordable imaging right now, because over 50% of patients are delaying care or not getting care because of cost. And then finally, cost-sharing members and other self-pay patients. And, you know, non-members of the health plan are welcome to use us as well. Right at our, you know, from the inception we were a self-pay network.

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Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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