freshbenies merges healthcare and technology to give employers and employees practical tools to control healthcare in one easy membership.


What is freshbenies?

freshbenies is an employee benefit that controls healthcare costs and confusion. We understand benefit consultants take the best possible plans out to their clients and even though employers spend thousands to millions of dollars on the medical plan, employees are often confused and under-utilizing their benefits. And that's just frustrating for everybody. When a consultant adds freshbenies for just a few dollars, it empowers employees to maximize their entire benefits package with practical tools like advocacy, telehealth, behavioral telehealth, savings networks and more.

How is freshbenies different?

We get used more than any other similar service that's out there. freshbenies truly stands out in two key areas. One is, we have fast, smooth onboarding backed by best-in-class service so that you can have peace of mind that we're gonna take care of your groups for you. And two, the freshbenies member engagement system and tools drive leading usage that delivers real ROI that you can track in your utilization dashboard.

Who is a good fit?

I've got three examples. One, any employer who's tired of spending tons of money on health care with few wins, because with freshbenies you can deliver bottom line savings as we show in these case study examples here. Two, any employer who's ready to make the benefits package better for a hundred percent of their people without breaking the bank because with freshbenies you can maximize employees' benefit dollars. And three, any employer who finds they need to change carriers every couple of years, because what happens when you do that, you lose momentum on the tools that you've installed. And why it helps is because with freshbenies, you can deliver consistent tools for their team, because we're carrier agnostic. We work with groups across various industries and sizes, from a handful of employees into the thousands. What it comes down to is, a few dollars invested in practical tools gives employers and their employees more control of health care.

Duration: 02:34

Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2021

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