Working with Advisors, helping them turn their traditional RFP in Life DI Stop Loss and Dental and Vision into transparent Strategic Sourcing events where the entire marketplace can potentially bid on their Employee Benefits to help achieve the best available "Market Solutions" at the "Market Price". Taking the complex procurement process and utilizing software that gathers comprehensive contractual reviews along with transparent reverse auction technology to help guide the advisor and client.


What is IBX?

As a company over the last 14 years, IBX has worked with brokers and consultants running their large group of thousand plus employee RFPs in life, disability, stop-loss, dental and vision. Challenged by the complexity of this undertaking with ever exceeding expectations from their customers for accuracy, transparency, and marketplace competition. IBX utilizes a customized software platform to compress timing and deliver marketplace results in under 45 days for the strategic sourcing event.

How is IBX different?

BX is different by using a software platform that allows for real-time feedback during the reverse auction of the secondary pricing phase. Carriers receive their rank from the market. The competing underwriters are in the same virtual boardroom, and that pressure allows for customers to realize a true market price. This is important for the client as every change is tracked and confirmed. Ultimately though, the broker or consultant along with the client always determines the selected carrier based on their value proposition and client services.

Who's a good fit for IBX?

Brokers and consultants are working year round on healthcare spending for their largest clients. From enrollments to specialty pharmacy plans, the best brokers are spending the majority of their efforts on these escalating customer needs. That's when they should connect with IBX. Having us run these ancillary RFPs, where customers over a thousand lives, we will provide full transparency working as a co-broker to get the best market analysis, market price, and market solutions for their clients.

Duration: 02:20

Posted: Thursday, December 9, 2021

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