First Stop Health

We offer Telemedicine, Virtual Primary Care and Virtual Mental Health. FSH drives utilization with continuous, targeted employee engagement, delivers an amazing patient experience and ensures high-value performance for our employer-clients.


What is First Stop Health?

First Stop Health is a virtual care company. And we focus on three areas. Telemedicine for the urgent care, 24 7 coverage. Virtual primary care, which includes telemedicine and expands to virtual chronic care and virtual preventative care. And lastly, virtual mental health. To help with the anxiety and depression. So we come with a holistic package between mind and body.

How is First Stop Health different?

Yeah, we get to differentiate ourselves in a couple different areas. And it starts with our continuous engagement. So when we bring on a new client we'll design a 12 month member engagement campaign so that we really get a custom platform to engage all the employees of that particular client. Based on age, gender, demographics, all that information, we're gonna market to and then educate every member so they truly know how to use our service and excel with it. Secondly, when they use it, the experience really is second to none. We own and manage our own physician network which allows us to control every aspect of a consultation that members have when accessing our platform. And because we educate members, and they have a great time using it, it leads to industry leading high utilization. Across our book of business we have 40% utilization. So we truly stand out, that it's not only a great experience but people truly use the service. And on top of that the high value we bring not only to employees but also employers with our performance guarantees, where we contractually guarantee either an ROI or a certain utilization for the experience for the employer. So we mitigate all risks in this service being offered but not being utilized. And all that together will provide care that people truly like to experience, which can be seen in our industry leading net promoter scores between our patients, clients, and broker network.

Who is a good fit for first stop health?

It truly can be anybody looking to retain and attract top talent. So we have clients from trucking services, to law firms, to nonprofits. It's really all across the country. So anyone looking to really retain that top talent. As well as anyone that has high premiums or high renewals in a higher medical spend, especially if they have low to average utilization with their virtual care. We have experience with every industry you cross, that you can ever imagine so we can come with experience and knowledge on how to truly make an impact and have a successful virtual care platform for anybody.

Duration: 02:54

Posted: Friday, June 3, 2022

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