We provide the IT infrastructure for a fully customizable population health ecosystem, at a far lower cost for your groups.

What is MedWell?

Mediterranean Wellness is a fully customizable platform for population health management. We've been providing solutions for our partners and clients since 2003 by giving exceptional programs, even better customer service, and doing all that at a cost that's far lower than our competitors. Our solutions are comprehensive, including rosters of wellness programs and challenges in nutrition, activity, weight management, and mindfulness. But we're far more than just a wellness platform. On the medical end, our HIPAA compliance allows us to provide biometric programs, screenings, HRAs, and telehealth coaching.

How is MedWell different?

Well, it's because we give you the program you need not just the one we happen to have, and that means we can customize specifically for each client. Listen, our re-sign-up rate is north of 95% year after year, and a big reason is that there's no better customer service than ours, and our clients have all our attention all the time. I mean, that makes us different for one, but also, for brokers and insurance plans, we create your platform in your way for each one of your clients. That way, you can go back to them with a better platform and let them know that you saved them money in the process, a win-win. And for our partners, we built entirely new programs and even platforms for them when it helped us both provide better service for our groups, and in those cases, we don't even charge them for that. So if you want a true partner, that's what you have in MedWell.

Who is a good fit for MedWell?

Well, companies need a solution specific to their employees, not just the generic set of challenges and videos. I mean, our clients range from 50 lives to 50,000, white-collar, blue-collar, manufacturing, municipalities. And some clients, want pure wellness programming while others want a disease management approach. I mean, we can provide either one, but also, help transition a client from one approach to another as their needs evolve over time. So basically, we're the best fit for groups that don't want a static approach, but a dynamic platform that can meet the ever-changing conditions that your clients need and deserve.

Duration: 02:46

Posted: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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