BenefitsApp is an employee benefits super app that enables people to access and use their benefits in one place right on their mobile phone. We are carrier and solution agnostic and offer white-labeling solutions to employers and brokers.


What is BenefitsApp?

BenefitsApp is a mobile "SuperApp" that provides employees with a one-stop resource for accessing, and using their employee benefits. So we all know that employee benefits are complicated and confusing, and employers have made significant efforts over the years to diversify their offerings, which is great, but in a way, sort of, added to the confusion. So a wide variety of benefits is a great thing for employees, but only if they really understand how to access the information about those programs, and easily use them. Generally speaking, benefits are communicated once a year at open enrollment. And we don't commit to memorizing anymore, simple things like our family members' phone numbers, right? So why would we try to commit to memory something as complicated as an employee benefits package when we have a mobile phone at our fingertips? So by consolidating all of your benefit offerings into one place on your phone, BenefitsApp makes it really easy for HR teams to communicate with their employees. It makes it easy for employees to access and use their benefits right there on their mobile phone.

How is BenefitsApp different?

BenefitsApp, like I mentioned before, is, sort of, this concept of being a "SuperApp." So what that means is that we essentially aggregate all of the various plan information and data into one spot, but also create integrations to each unique program. So our app can remain completely agnostic to the carriers, service providers that your employer has, while making it easy for users to quickly take advantage of those carriers online portals, via single sign on or other direct integration. As the first ever benefits solution built on the platform, we're able to customize each app to meet an employer's unique program and messaging needs. So our ability to customize communications for employers means that we can now segment your employee population in a way that allows you to communicate to the different divisions, risk populations, et cetera, with custom push notifications and SMS. And then lastly, our program can be translated into just about any language and can be offered on a fully white label solution for brokers, third-party administrators, carriers, and other providers who are looking for, you know, to offer a mobile solution to their clients.

Who's a good fit for BenefitsApp?

Any employer, broker, or TPA that recognizes the power of a mobile app to increase engagement for their employees. HR and finance teams devote a large portion of their annual budget to employee benefits. So making sure your employees use and understand, and take advantage of those benefits is really important from a cost standpoint, and from increasing employee satisfaction. So BenefitsApp makes it easy for employers of all sizes and industries to engage with their employees, right there on a mobile device.

Duration: 03:00

Posted: Monday, January 31, 2022

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