The leading employer-sponsored emergency savings solution built to help all employees feel financially secure.


What is SecureSave?

SecureSave is an emergency savings account. We work with employers to offer emergency savings as a new type of benefit. Very similar to something like health savings accounts or even a 401 . And there's a bit of a new category for benefits, and it's something that's really grown over the last few years. And the one thing I think is really worth mentioning is how popular this is as a concept for employees. They just don't know to ask for it. But as you see here in the lineup of different benefits, and we ask people what they like more if they were to offer a new benefit to their employees, this is by far the most popular.

How is SecureSave different?

So two main things. This is all we do, so we're better at it than anyone else and it shows up in our results. We get upwards of 60% adoption, and really tremendous savings and retention rate from how people use our product. So for employers, they get a really easy to use, fast to deploy program that has a great overall value proposition, great technology, lot of automation, tons of cool reports. And for employees, they get a value proposition that's almost too good to be true. They get a free emergency savings account they have full control and access to that they can sign up for in just a minute or two that comes automatically through payroll, and they get typically a little bit of an incentive from their employer as well. So in the end, it's a great value proposition for both employees and employers, and that's why we get such tremendous results and that's what sets us apart in the category.

Who is a good fit for SecureSave?

Really one thing that we highlight is that for employers that have a lot of wage workers or people that are making maybe 15 to 30 an hour, a lot of service businesses, manufacturing, healthcare, oftentimes, they're seeing impact from inflation, cost of living, and they're gonna have things like 401 loans, hardship withdrawals and other things that may be really a sign of problems in the financial wellbeing of their employees, they should definitely check out emergency savings and I would encourage them to learn more at

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Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

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