Rx 'n Go

Rx ‘n Go is a pharmacy linked disease management program that removes access barriers for individuals within self-funded plans, by providing free access to needed chronic disease Rx medications.


What is Rx 'n Go?

Rx 'n Go is a complimentary mail pharmacy program that helps self-funded employers improve benefits and reduce costs. There are two products with Rx 'n Go, first being our primary program, which is Rx 'n Go, where we save plans 15 to 25%. We have a list of 1,300 generic drugs and insulin products that cover 53 different health categories. We also have a subset of that that is compliant with HSA regulations, so can also be offered to those programs that help, that offer health savings accounts. This product has customer service and a mail pharmacy in Southgate, Kentucky. We also offered earlier this year, a program called Rx 'n Go Beyond, which is focused on branded drugs, filled through our partner pharmacy up in Winnipeg, Canada. It's also where customer service is provided. We're able to save plans 40 to 60% on the medications filled through the program, all at zero co-pay to the member.

How is Rx 'n Go different?

What we do with Rx 'n Go is we organize all the medicine into fixed price tiers. The medicine is available at zero copay to the member, delivered to their home. The employer pays the cost and, again, creates the savings when only those prescriptions are filled through the program. There's no access fees, there's no PMPM. So, we create incentives for this relationship where we need to do a great job of communicating the value of the product and our account management team does that, working with the benefit advisor and the client.

Who is a good fit for Rx 'n Go?

Currently we focus on middle-market cases, 100 to 5,000 employees. These employers have a more paternal view of benefits and their employees, and they really find huge value in offering Rx 'n Go. Some of our popular markets are school districts, municipality, healthcare, manufacturing, white-collar, blue-collar, no collar. It's also for those clients who have an understanding of risk management through removing barriers and creating improvements in drug adherence.

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Posted: Friday, November 5, 2021

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