We are redefining the mental health journey by addressing the root causes using psychometrics & 1:1 support. Recent digitalization of psychotherapy is not cutting it to support our mental well-being. Rethink how you approach mental health.


What is myPersona?

We're an emotional health company, we focus on why people perceive the world the way they do and we help them feel better and make better decisions every day. There's a recent digitalization of the same one size fits all psychotherapy, and it's just not gonna cut it. People want more. They're not interested in just getting back to manageable. They wanna improve. They wanna find balance and happiness. And we're here for that. We redefine the experience, changing the model of care. We've got a personal model. We do one-on-one anytime support and offer self-directed content.

How is myPersona different?

A few differences: First, our approach, as I said people are not interested in getting back to manageable, we aim to improve and help people find balance. The second thing is up psychometrics. Our model is very unique. We focus on people's natural tendencies, the desires for different wellbeing areas. And we measure the various gaps that they have between their state and their desires, and finally empathy and continuity. We use real humans. We don't match people with different coaches or therapists every time. There's continuity of the service, the members get a dedicated team and we measure the results. We don't hide behind the control study, a result that was done in the past.

Who's a good fit for myPersona?

It's safe to say anybody can benefit from introspection or understanding themselves better. With that said, I think we're a great fit for any employers or brokers that really value the employee's wellbeing, and want to go further than what the landscape has to offer right now and realize that that investment will bear fruit for them in the future. And the beauty of it is very minimal, I thought, in part, because we do it all for them.

Duration: 02:14

Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2021

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