WithMe Health

We deliver a better medication experience with a modern PBM & Personalized Medication Guidance. Proactive outreach to members from our pharmacist-led Medication Guides and a consumer-grade mobile app drive healthy behavior change and Rx savings.


What is WithMe Health?

We started WithMe Health to create a better medication experience for our clients and members - one that aligns our incentives with employers, lowers their pharmacy costs, and results in improved outcomes. WithMe Health combines Personalized Medication Guidance with our modern, transparent, and full pass-through PBM. Alternatively, we can overlay our medication guidance service on top of a client's existing PBM to provide greater oversight and gain additional savings. We start with rich, curated member profiles that bring together pharmacy claims, medical claims, and other data and we put our analytics engine to work after that, identifying which interventions will make the biggest impact for our members. And then this tees up our pharmacist-led team of Medication Guides to earn member's trust and help change their behavior. The model has resulted in a member engagement rate higher than 40 percent, and more importantly around two thirds of members and their prescribers accept our recommendations.

How is WithMe Health different?

Compared to traditional PBMs, WithMe is a fully transparent and fully pass-through PBM, meaning there's no black box or spread pricing, and we pass through 100% percent of rebates. Compared to other independent transparent, pass-through PBMs and compared to retail-focused saving solutions, we have an all-in-one clinical model that generates more holistic interventions. It's not a Nickel-and-Dimed approach to clinical programs. It's also a more proactive engagement model. That doesn't rely on a member to reach out for self service, leaving them still feeling lost in a maze of medications. In fact, our medication guides spend 85% of their time making outbound calls to members for a higher-touch approach.

Who is a good fit for WithMe Health?

Well, since smaller self-insured employers continue to subsidize larger employers with their pharmacy spend, they're not getting a fair shake from big PBMs today, and that makes them a great fit for our full replacement PBM solution. And on average we saved our PBM clients 37 percent on their pharmacy spend last year. Larger self-insured employers may not get the transparency or member experience they want from big PBMs but they do have a harder time walking away from today's rebate driven model. So our medication guidance overlay solution allows them to go beyond what their current PBM can or will do to impact utilization, not just price.

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Duration: 02:50

Posted: Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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