Brite is a benefit education platform that combines excellent digital content with decision support, videos, Q&A, and engagement all into one slick package.


What is Brite?

Yep, in a nutshell, Chris, Brite is a software built for brokers to supercharge all their benefit meetings, right? If you're using PDFs and PowerPoint and in-person benefit meetings or Zoom calls or whatever, Brite is for you. We auto-generate all of the benefit walkthroughs with decision support. It's built for mobile, desktop, digital, iPhones, Androids, whatever. We even have a PDF function. It provides decision support, design and customization for every client, and end-to-end implementation in less than an hour.

How is Brite different?

Yeah, Brite is different in a lot of ways. Along with technology, what we do is provide a system-agnostic platform. So it doesn't matter what your admin system, vendors, carriers, we work with all of those. We do auto-translation in over 200 different languages. It's completely customizable to your client's needs, so it's extremely flexible, not only in the design component but also in the content component. Again, you can launch this thing really, really fast, no more six-week implementations, on this cool technology product that's in your hands, and, again, can be done in hours, not weeks. It provides a platform, again, to do continuous education with your clients. So if they're implementing a new product, maybe an HSA or a TeleMed product, something like that, this will give you the ability to continuously provide content for them. And then on the back end, we have live analytics, action items on how you can improve it or continue to let it go.

Who is a good fit for Brite?

Yeah. Again, in a nutshell, everyone. So we do small group, the smallest being two, large group, largest being over 8,000. All industries and all employee types, so if you have groups that have different employee segments, part-time, full-time, maybe executive, whatever, we work with that. Industries, we've done everything from software to space to construction to unions. We've seen insane results, over 40% increased participation on voluntary lines, shifts from PPOs to high deductibles, the whole gamut. It really works well for everybody, especially if you're using the PDFs and old traditional ways of kind of doing everything.

Duration: 02:35

Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2022

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