CoeoRx is a Pharmacy Benefit Navigator. We deliver Choice, Leverage, and Savings to employer groups of any size.


What is CoeoRx?

CoeoRx is a pharmacy benefit navigator. We deliver choice, leverage and savings to brokers, employer groups of any size. We do that by leveraging differentiated and prenegotiated PBM contracts along with pre-vetted vendor solutions and provide in-depth analysis for each group, which is powered by Neuro, our proprietary sequel software solution. The way we position this in the market is different than normal coalitions you might see. And, one of the things that we bring together are multiple options across the big three PBMs, mid-tier PBMs, transparent and traditional alike and couple all the different solutions that are out in the market, making it easy to navigate what is a very complex environment.

How is CoeoRx different?

I think one of the biggest differences is in the deals that we have in our bag. So, we are agnostic to all of the different prenegotiated contracts. They have a significant amount of economic and pricing leverage built into them, but also have very unique designs, such as third party UM carve-out control, customized specialty drug solutions that provide control on both spend and trend, and then some very novel designs fueled by some of our other businesses and technologies, such as integrated cash solutions highlighted on the screen here. And I think what's interesting is on average, we can deliver about 30% savings on total pharmacy spend for each group agnostic of size.

Who's a good fit for CoeoRx?

Any group or any broker who's looking for a command in the pharmacy benefits space. Come to us, we'll provide you a free analysis. We simply need your claims data file, a PBM contract, and we do the rest of the work and help you through the process every step of the way.

Duration: 02:37

Posted: Monday, January 3, 2022

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