Hint Connect

A national network of Direct Primary Care providers that can be implemented as a standardized benefit.


What is Hint Connect?

So Hint Connect is a national Direct Primary Care network. Probably helpful to define Direct Primary Care a little bit. So instead of having to use insurance to go see your primary care provider you have a monthly subscription. So you pay a small monthly fee, you have unlimited visits, unlimited services with that provider. So Hint Connect is creating a network of independent direct primary care providers. Doesn't matter what location they're in, so long as Hint Connect can approve them as a high quality provider. So essentially what we're trying to do is create higher quality direct primary care, lower cost outcomes, make patients and providers happier in the long run.

How is Hint Connect different?

Hint Connect is different because we are eschewing insurance and using direct contracting models and we're utilizing independent providers to do that. So instead of an employer having to contract with say 10 different direct primary care providers across 10 different cities they can contract with Hint Connect one time and we will fill out their network and provide the DPCs in the right locations for them.

Who is a good fit for Hint Connect?

Employers and TPAs generally. Employers that are currently using DPC have found an enormous value in our ability to expand their existing DPC utilization and create a network that covers all of their employees. Employers not using DPC yet, there's plenty of value propositions around cost containment, but ultimately DPC winds up capturing the majority of your urgent care and ER visits for all of your engaged members which results in an overall claims reduction about 13%.

Duration: 02:10

Posted: Monday, March 6, 2023

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