GenuineShift provides unbiased business consulting & proprietary programs such as our Client Service Academy for insurance brokers of all sizes. More growth. Less firefighting. Create contrast. Lead with confidence. Clients hire you to be led.™


What is GenuineShift?

GenuineShift is the industry's leading talent and development partner who is laser-focused on helping insurance brokers of all sizes address our industry's client service talent crisis, which is not simply about the Great Resignation. We're focused on three other areas, onboarding new talent, accelerating growth for junior colleagues, and resetting and recharging seasoned team members. Our proprietary programs and unbiased business consulting fuel growth and optimize profitability.

How is GenuineShift different?

One thing is as true today as it was when I started in the business 32 years ago. Employee benefits firms can't grow profitably or scale without reliable, outstanding client service. We're different because we really understand this problem and are the only company who has prioritized and developed engaging and role-specific programs for a firm's invaluable client service colleagues. Clients hire you to be led, they need your expertise. Our three 2023 programs, Account Executive Academy, Account Manager Academy, and Intro to Employee Benefits Business combine contextualize EB-specific and actionable content with peer community and expert coaching to uplevel the team who's going to do the work you've been hired to provide next year.

Who is a good fit for GenuineShift?

For our programming, any client service professional from first day on the job to an account executive with 25 years of experience is a great fit for our academy programs. For our strategic business consulting, it's employee benefits brokerage firms of all sizes, structures, locations, focused on growth, and most importantly, committed to talent development for client service colleagues.

Duration: 02:18

Posted: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

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