Benefits Engagement Platform that makes benefits communications easy for HR and fun for employees. Our all-in-one platform delivers best-practice campaigns that feel more like Instagram than Outlook.


What is Airbo?

Airbo is a benefits engagement platform, and we essentially make educating employees about benefits more fun for HR and employees. For an employee, Airbo's more like Instagram than Outlook. They receive bite-sized pieces of content that can be on any mobile device, desktop, tablet. It can be translated in up to 36 language. So, if you have employees that are English as a second language, they can just click a button and read it in Spanish or Vietnamese. And we can also target content to employees based on different characteristics, like union, non-union, part-time, full-time. The idea is you're able to get really basic education in front of employees to educate them about their benefits throughout the year.

How is Airbo different?

Airbo's different based on our methodology for educating employees. So, our content format is made up of what we call tiles. And tiles have three key elements. You've got your image at the top, and this is what captures someone's attention. This can also be a video or a gift, something that's nice and engaging for an employee. You've got your information in the middle, and this is character-limited to 700 characters because we want it to be about 30 seconds or less for someone to go through. It's also really good at driving people to different resources. So, driving them over to their enrollment site, driving them over to their health insurance site to find an in-network provider. And then you've got the interaction section on the bottom, and this motivates learning. And the idea here is that employees will answer really basic questions or survey questions to earn points for participating, which turns into prizes to help drive higher engagement throughout the year.

Who is a good fit for Airbo?

Airbo works well with organizations that are 100 employees to about 200,000 employees. We are in the U.S. right now, and we tend to find that we work with organizations that are in the hard-to-reach space really well. So, those are organizations that are manufacturing, healthcare, hybrid workforces, where you might have some admin staff, but also employees that are out in the field or out in manufacturing environments. And so, the reason for that is because Airbo works well on any device, you can really target different populations easily on Airbo. And it's also incredibly easy to get into, it is not an app. It's a mobile responsive site, and somebody just clicks the button and they get in. So, it makes education incredibly easy for employees.

Duration: 02:43

Posted: Thursday, October 27, 2022

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