Hydrogen Health

Full-spectrum, high-quality, virtual primary care that can identify, diagnose and treat chronic conditions without the need for in-person care.


What is Hydrogen Health?

Hydrogen Health is a national primary care solution, built to drive consistent high-quality primary care, regardless of the employee's location. Urban, rural, or somewhere in between. Unlike the traditional fee-for-service sick care system, our solution provides personalized care plans that drive deep ongoing engagement, and as a result, a healthcare safety net that people can turn to 24/7, 365. Unfortunately, the typical employer has 30-50% of their covered population with no safety net, meaning no primary care relationship. At Hydrogen, we call that 30-50%, the primary care gap. This gap leads to higher overall costs. So in summary, we provide everything from urgent care, to primary care, in a frictionless manner, in order to efficiently close the primary care gap, and drive down healthcare costs.

How is Hydrogen Health different?

Hydrogen uniquely blends the use of AI technology, secure text, video, and a rigorous quality assurance approach. Hydrogen provides comprehensive primary care services, in order to diagnose and treat dozens of chronic conditions, without the need for in-person care, which makes us very unique, as we eliminate the friction that feeds the primary care gap. And by opening up both secure text and video channels, Hydrogen Health provides highly accessible, user-friendly care for millions of fully insured and self-funded members in a manner that they don't think was possible before using us. The heart of our differentiation lies in the fact that we taught K, our AI or artificial intelligence layer, the language of medicine by feeding it hundreds of millions of clinical records through various partnerships in the U.S. and abroad. The result is that K actively enables our providers to deliver high-quality care while reducing the typical practice variations that occur in other settings. And finally, K delivers highly personalized health information to members facing urgent care needs and is also utilized to engage members proactively to ensure that individual care plans are being followed to drive better longitudinal care.

Who's a good fit for Hydrogen Health?

Any employer that has at least 1,000 employees, and is tired of the byproducts of the primary care gap is a good fit. Each and every day, we speak with employers that are fed up with the ever-increasing, avoidable ER costs that they encounter. And they're tired of funding large claimants that could have been caught earlier. And they know that providing a healthcare safety net is just the right thing to do for their people.

Duration: 02:54

Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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