Vitori Vantage

Lock in a 3-year level-funded rate with Vitori Vantage. Our platform can be paired with a Cigna network or with our proprietary open-access Fair Market Payment (FMP) Payment algorithm, or both!


What is Vitori Vantage?

Thanks, Chris, Vitori Vantage is a unique product in the market. It is a 3-year level funded program for employers with more than 350 lives. We even offer a surplus refund opportunity after that period of time. So it's as simple as that. It is a lock for their premiums over the period of time that includes all of their medical and pharmacy claims. There's no risk for any volatility over that period for the employer or the employee who is used to dealing with crummy renewals every year. The surplus can be applied to the renewal or paid out if they need to exit after the 3-year period and it also includes a ton of enhancements to a typical health plan including $0 virtual care, $0 elective surgeries, a guarantee that members cannot be balance-billed for any services and all kinds of other elements as well.

How is Vitori Vantage different?

Vitori Vantage is built around a very different model in the market called Fair Market Payment. This FMP platform allows members to see any provider in the country and the chance of them getting balance-billed or having friction at the provider's office is very minimal. Our balance bill rate is less than 0.24% of the time and they will never be, by contract, financially liable for any balance bill. The other aspect of Vitori Vantage is that you could pair the National Cigna OAP Network of Physicians to provide a familiar platform for employees to choose from. So you can pick from the Cigna model, the FMP model, or do both as a dual option. These are very unique and exciting opportunities for employers.

Who is a good fit for Vitori Vantage?

Anyone over 350 enrolled employees is eligible for this program in all 50 states. They can be currently fully-insured or self-insured and they can have renewals effective 1/1/24 or later. All we need is two years of claims history, a large claim report, and a census, and we'll be able to do underwriting for them. Timing-wise, it takes about two or three weeks for typical underwriting, and then we simply want to have everybody's open enrollment completed by November 30th in order to ensure a smooth and happy transition.

Duration: 02:34

Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2023

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