Summus is pioneering a new vertical in virtual care, called virtual specialty care. We focus on specialty care because that is where most of the cost and complexity lives within healthcare.


What is Summus?

Well, Summus is transforming access to specialty care. We serve as the clinical front door to healthcare, and provide access to leading medical specialists in the country through a unique network of physicians, a state-of-the-art virtual care platform, and an unparalleled member experience. And why does this all matter? Well, for most of us, navigating healthcare is overwhelming, frightening, and seemingly impossible to understand. People don't know what to do, they don't know who to go to, and they don't have a guide to help them on their healthcare journey, and Summus fills that gap. We enable patients and their families to ask all the questions they need, we provide guidance and insights that help find the right path of care, and we stay with our members every step of the way. Our mission at Summus is to restore the human connection in healthcare, and we're changing lives for families, patients, and employers every day.

How is Summus different?

Well, there are a few things that makes Summus unique in the marketplace. One is our singular focus on helping patients and families facing important questions about any healthcare condition or diagnosis at any point in their healthcare journey. Secondly, Summus serves as a broader funnel of engagement across the healthcare continuum. We handle everything from allergies to pediatric development milestones, to complex diagnoses like cancer and ALS. Summus takes a longitudinal viewpoint across the entire patient journey, and it's all about speed and access for us. The average wait time to see a specialist in the US is north of 30 days. At Summus, we connect patients and families within hours and days to our network of more than 5,100 specialists across the top 50 academic medical centers in the country, and finally, we developed a unique and radically different approach to ROI that has been externally validated by one of the leading actuary firms in the country. We look at episodic and condition-specific insights that are evergreen, not just a moment in time, as opposed to trend, which tends to narrow the aperture.

Who is a good fit for Summus?

Well, we work with leading employers, health systems, and payers across the US, spanning industries from financial services, to consumer packaged goods, to higher education. We have 100% client retention rate in the seven years we've been in business, and are consistently highlighted as the linchpin in benefit offerings provided to employees. Our clients range in size from 3,000 up to over 10,000 employees in the employer space, and our solution scales to support both health systems as well as payers with a focus on Medicare Advantage.

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Duration: 02:37

Posted: Friday, January 27, 2023

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