ReviveRX Pharmacy

ReviveRX is the premier licensed compounding pharmacy for health, wellness, and restorative medicine. We focus on treating the source and not just the symptoms.


What is ReviveRX Pharmacy?

Good question, ReviveRX pharmacy is a sterile / non-sterile compounding pharmacy located in Houston. We have top accreditation. We provide not only compounding medications but we are now providing 200+ generic medications to our customers.

How is ReviveRX Pharmacy different?

We are different because we're an independent pharmacy. We are not tied to any corporate insurance companies or their affiliated pharmacy-benefit managers. Because we're cash-based, we're able to offer the best pricing with true transparency and no hidden fees or membership obligations that you may find on competitor sites. ReviveRX Pharmacy is agile. Being an independent pharmacy, we are not bound to the specific formularies and the availability of those drugs that are on those formularies and the pricing that's associated with it. We are a mail order pharmacy and there's several mail order pharmacies out there. The differentiator we have is that we are a compounding pharmacy with the same capabilities. And of course, our people. We have top quality pharmacists and customer service representatives that are live. No going through the steps, no going through the stages of press one. You will get a live person when you call us.

Who is a good fit for ReviveRX Pharmacy?

Anyone. Anyone who's looking to get quality generic medications or compounded medications at a terrific price. Employers who are looking for affordable medications for the employees, with complete transparency on cost. Know what you're paying for upfront. Individuals that wanna join. They want the convenience of home-delivery while knowing that ReviveRX Pharmacy provides high-quality low-cost medications. And independent medical providers, such as Direct Primary Care offices, who provide exceptional healthcare without the complication of insurance.

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Posted: Friday, May 27, 2022

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