FootprintID is a central repository for you and your family’s health and medical information. It helps close the gaps that exist in health information sharing. Easy and timely access to your information can be critical. Having one’s health information and prior test results can make the difference for effective diagnosis and treatment. Benefits to an employer or organization include cost savings, increased productivity and a low cost high value benefit for their employees and members.


What is FootprintID?

FootprintID is a portable personal health record. It helps to create better health outcomes, and save time and money. You can manage information for multiple family members on one account, reduce duplicate testing, which would save money and potentially save a life.

How is FootprintID different?

FootprintID is different because this is our core product and we strive to be best of breed in the industry. We are low cost, independent of provider, employer device. We have multiple other really great features, but I think the one I'd like to highlight right now is the fact that we have 24 hour support, which means that 24 hours a day, if you have an emergency, you and you don't have your computer or your phone, you can always call our call center and get the information that you need.

Who is a good fit for FootprintID?

We work across many industries. The most traction has been in the benefits space, both corporate and bundled, as well as the travel space, membership and loyalty programs, other kinds of insurance programs. We are a great low cost add on to these benefits to complete the package. And we work with companies of any size from 25 to 5 million, and our pricing is tiered to accommodate those sizes.

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Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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