UCM Digital Health

UCM Digital Health delivers an end-to-end healthcare solution that combines a digital front door platform with a 24/7 telehealth treat, triage and navigation service – designed to lower costs, improve outcomes and provide a better patient experience. More than a “digital front door,” UCM brings together clinical expertise, advanced technology and compassionate care to offer powerful advantages for insurers, employers, patients and providers.


What is UCM Digital Health?

UCM is a digital health company. We offer a digital front door with immediate access to ER providers for triage and treatment for all physical and mental health. Navigation to the most appropriate and most cost effective next step for care. In the back end, we have a care coordination team that'll facilitate all of that by doing anything from finding an in network specialist and scheduling an appointment, to calling ahead to an ER to minimize the wait time, to calling, scheduling a procedure, a task, calling in prescription, checking on a patient a few days later and sending a get well card and stickers to a kid to make them smile a few days after that.

How is UCM Digital Health different?

What really sets us apart here at UCM is a few things. First, you know, most telehealth companies have thousands of providers spread out throughout the country. It's an Uber type of model, or they're just picking up an extra call or shift to make extra money and fill gaps in their schedule. With us every doctor works for us. They're all ER board certified. In the ER, you know, they're trained to deal with everything from pediatric to psychiatric to geriatric. So we don't say no, we address, you know, far more ailments and issues and concerns than the average telehealth provider and the care coordination team, right? Just making sure that the patient gets the right care at the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. Amazing group of people, live human beings in a call center that actually facilitate this and make phone calls and schedule appointments and do everything manually.

Who is a good fit for UCM Digital Health?

For a self-insured employer, I think it's a no brainer, right? The ROI is huge for every every ER visit we avoid, we saved thousands of dollars in itself, but it's also great for traditional health plans. I think, you know, a lot of employers have because the cost is a factor, they have high deductible health plans and the employees aren't thrilled with that. You know, for us, it's really inexpensive as a side benefit and they could say to their employees, look, you know, we know you have a high deductible health plan and you're not happy, but well now you have access to UCM. So here's the, you know, the mobile app, download it and you or your dependents for 98% of your issues you'll have free access to an ER provider 24/7, call them as much as you need and they could address almost all of your concerns without any copays or claims against the plan.

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Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

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