Sapphire Digital (SmartShopper)

SmartShopper is a incentive-based care redirection program for non-emergent procedures, offering consumers the ability to shop online, or with a Personal Assistant, and receive cash rewards when they chose a lower-cost facility for their care. SmartShopper is fully integrated with 55+ health plans across the country including most Blue plans, Humana and regional players.


No one likes to overpay but when it comes to healthcare, most of us don't know what we ought to be paying or what our options are. That's because oddly, cost doesn't always indicate quality, and worse, prices for the same service can vary dramatically for no obvious reason even in the same geographic region. A simple MRI, for instance, could cost you $300, $1,300 or $3,000 depending where you go. So how do you choose? Introducing SmartShopper. SmartShopper lets you shop for routine procedures, preventative exams, imaging scans, and even scheduled surgeries. Explore your options, comparing both cost and quality based on nationally-recognized metrics and ratings and reviews from other patients. You can shop online or by phone. Our helpful personal assistants will walk you through your medical choices and even help you change a referral and schedule an appointment. And best of all, you can earn rewards up to $500 per visit when you make the smart choice selecting a qualifying, high-quality, high-value facility. SmartShopper will just verify your visit with your insurer and mail you a check. SmartShopper. It pays to shop for better healthcare.

Duration: 01:29

Posted: Friday, November 5, 2021

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