Green Imaging

Green Imaging is the go to preferred medical imaging network for employer sponsored health plans nationally. The ease of use and huge savings we provide are especially attractive as COVID abates and the pent up demand for imaging increases health plan cost. We become the best referral source for many imaging centers and develop smooth workflows and synergies. We also assure quality in the network by our Green Imaging radiologists interpreting the majority of exams.


What is Green Imaging?

Green Imaging is a direct radiology services. We are a national network of imaging centers, but the most important part of this is that we are radiologist owned and operated. We are in there practicing radiology and making sure patients get the best care and the most affordable care possible.

How is Green Imaging different?

We're different because of our savings. We can save about 60% as compared to the average self-funded healthcare plan. In fact, we're saving a school district in Florida $2.5 million this year, but we're also different because of our ability to... Radiologists are able to make sure that patients get the right study. We can actually downcode the radiology order. If there's contrast disorder, then it doesn't need contrast, we can remove that contrast. We can make sure the patient gets the best and most affordable exam at the highest quality in a way that's very unique. No other imaging network can offer that.

Who's a good fit for Green Imaging?

Everybody's a good fit for Green Imaging. Green Imaging started 10 years ago. 10 years ago this week. 10 years ago today actually, as a Self-Pay network. So we're great for Self-Pay patients. Qualified high deductible health plans work great because those patients don't reach their deductible with just one imaging exam performed down the hall at the hospital. We can be a bolt-on plan alongside a traditional TPA. We can be a plan amendment with an independent TPA written in mid year, written in tomorrow or we can be written into the plan documents itself with an innovative new DPC centric healthcare plan or with any independent TPA.

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Posted: Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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