17% of productivity is lost to life's hassles. Overalls helps your people reclaim time, money and joy so they can be happier and more productive.


What is Overalls?

Overalls is designed to solve a new problem that "really it happens to everyone, but we're not really thinking about it." And that's all of life's hassles. So think about the last time you had a flat tire, or the last time your water heater exploded, or you're stuck home with your kids who are sick from school. These things happen to everyone all the time. And when you actually do the math, that adds up to about 17% of a workforce productivity is lost to life's hassles.

How is Overalls different?

We've designed Overalls to help employers and the workforce reclaim the time, joy and money wasted by all of life's hassles. And here's how we do it. We've taken three services that we combined into one. The first is what we call Hassle Helper. Hassle Helpers is if Susie Orman and Jeeves had a baby. So it's your go-to next time you have a question about your finances or next time your water heater explodes. Schedule the plumber, schedule mold remediation, file the claim with your insurance company. Pocketbook Protector is designed to help your workers save and protect their money. It includes products that range from your traditional voluntary benefits like dental, vision, life, and disability to innovative protection products like pet, renters, and cyber insurance to other financial products that aren't even in the insurance realm, like help you refinance your student loan or your mortgage, or actually go through your subscriptions and help you cancel duplicate subscriptions or renegotiate your bill with Comcast. And the third aspect is what we call Mighty Moments. Mighty moments is designed to help you and to help your clients celebrate their workforce predictably and at scale. So next time a colleague has a baby shower or baby, and you want to throw a baby shower. Next time someone's retiring or getting married. We make it really easy to celebrate your workforce. All of these things come together to help people save time, money, and reclaim joy.

Who's a good fit for Overalls?

Really any employer we partner with brokers. Our target sweet spot is companies between a hundred and about 2000 employees. And it's designed to be turnkey. It can be standalone, up and running in a few weeks or embedded and integrated with our entire HR system.

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Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2022

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