Now easy and affordable for any size company to offer all your employees the benefit of fitness - gyms, on-demand workouts, challenges, rewards , fitness trackers - all in one easy to use solution. Keep your employees fit, healthy and engaged. Zeamo


What is Zeamo?

Zeamo is a corporate wellness solution for today's busy HR managers and their diverse often hybrid employees. We make it easy for HR managers to offer their employees choice in fitness, and that it grows across a nationwide network of gyms, thousands of on-demand workouts, live stream workouts, and we also connect with rewards and wearables. The employees get choice of all the top brands, whether it be gyms whether it be on-demand or live, made simple.

How is Zeamo different?

We're different because a number of solutions only do part of the solution. They'll offer you maybe a network of gyms, or maybe a gym will offer you one thing. But today's HR manager doesn't wanna have multiple vendors. They wanna make it easy, and data is very important. They want the data, and they want to be able to use that for insurance. They also want to subsidize right across the brands. So we give gyms, studios, on-demand live streaming. We connected all the wearables to give rewards and challenges, all of that in one easy solution. So we take out the hassle, no need to deal with multiple vendors.

Who is a good fit for Zeamo?

Really for today's busy HR manager, we're a very good fit. So if you are really looking for that one stop solution, but you really want to give them choice in whether it be physical, gyms and studios or on-demand and live stream and they want brands and they want the latest brands, this is perfect. But if you also want to actually engage them with rewards and challenges, even better. So we basically empower the HR manager to be the hero of their employees, all at a very affordable and easy solution.

Duration: 02:20

Posted: Friday, May 13, 2022

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