We help employer groups of all sizes gain control of healthcare spend and create long-term stability in their employee health plan.


What is True Captive?

We are a one-of-a-kind captive insurance company. We believe in insurance that isn't complicated and healthcare that is personal. As you can see our background started with my grandfather, a retired world war II physician who started his private practice in Leavenworth, Kansas. He would take me on house calls as a young boy. And that's really where I started to believe in how healthcare should be performed and practiced. So we were inspired to create this company because we were consumers of health insurance as entrepreneurs and business owners. So we built this company in that image, for the things that were lacking when we were running companies and consuming insurance.

How is True Captive different?

Two ways. One: We're the only insurance company in the country that invests its own capital in each one of our members. What does that mean? We're aligned financially with our member groups. So when they run well, we run well. Conversely, if there is a bad year, they run poorly, we lose money and many times lose more money than our groups. So there's no question about our alignment or what our goals are. But what I'm most proud of is our white-glove approach. You don't see us at open enrollment and just renewal time. We want to be engaged with our broker partners and our groups on a monthly basis. We wanna peel back the onion and pull back the curtain. So people can have transparency and clarity of everything that's going on in their health plan. And allows us to implement programs that are truly unique and customized to our groups. Why do we do this? It's in our fiber and it's in our DNA. We're excited to lead the change, and it's a change that's necessary for our healthcare insurance system.

Who is a good fit for True Captive?

Anyone from 25 to 1,000 employees on their health plan provided the state allows that. Larger groups who may be interested in a captive insurance program we can help them, but the majority of our groups fit into that 25 to 1,000. They're open to self-funding a smaller, more predictable portion of their healthcare plan. And a desire to take control over their benefit plan. And a willingness, a genuine willingness, to participate in the success of their program and the overall captive.

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Posted: Monday, February 28, 2022

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