Handl Health

Handl Health is a plug-and-play platform that brings transparency to healthcare costs and quality for employers and their employees.


What is Handl Health?

Handl Health is a plug-and-play platform that brings transparency to healthcare costs and quality. We do this through helping the industry achieve compliance with the healthcare price transparency legislation, such as Transparency in Coverage and the No Surprises Act. We plug into our client's source systems and publicly available sources to automate the cleaning and organizing of pricing data into machine-readable files that can be published publicly or used to power our products. We offer a suite of consumer-facing solutions, such as our Shopping Tool and the Advanced EOB, or quote-building technology, that sits in the hands of our clients, members, and patients.

How is Handl Health different?

Well, what makes us unique is our ability to use data and technology to transform the care management experience. We do this through an intuitive search that strings together billions of data points in a national database that tells you how one doctor compares with the next on cost and quality. We have algorithms that guide referring providers and also steers consumers to the right point of care based on their needs, preferences, and plan design. We also offer a digital concierge in the form of bots and live chat to help with appointment bookings and guide consumers at any time, any place. The impact, well, it not only achieves compliance and removes the hassle from healthcare planning, but our secret is in closing the loop between health plans and providers to gain alignment and deliver 28% savings on average.

Who is a good fit for Handl Health?

We work in partnership with members, health plans, and providers to make what is usually a complicated and painful experience, one that is intuitive and affordable. Our primary buyer is a self-funded employer, and we reach them by partnering with benefits advisors and third-party administrators. We excel when our customers use our platform to drive the adoption of innovative care models such as direct primary care and virtual care, steering patients to high-value healthcare the first time.

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Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

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