Our integrated, advanced digital and in-person health care solutions are breaking down barriers and expanding access to timely, affordable medical care, mental health care and medications.


What is ReviveHealth?

ReviveHealth is a mission-based health services company and we have one primary goal and that's to help every individual in our country gain access to timely affordable care and medications regardless of circumstance. We created Whole Person integrated advanced virtual care and in-person care solutions. We broke down the barriers of complexity, cost and access that stand between individuals and their physical and mental healthcare needs and their medication needs. We provide our members with easy, timely and affordable access to doctors, mental health therapists, psychiatrists, other specialists and medications, and our members pay no out of pocket cost to access care visits and medications.

How is ReviveHealth different?

First, we broke down the access barriers, whether you're in a major metro area, rural healthcare desert, everyone has issues accessing care. Of course, we connect individuals to doctors quickly for urgent care needs, but we go far beyond that. Our members don't wait weeks or months for appointments. We connect individuals to primary care physicians and pediatricians the same day and our members can choose their doctors and see the same doctors every time. We're also helping to solve the mental health crisis in our country. We connect adults and adolescents to mental health therapists within a couple of days and psychiatrists within a week and we broke down cost barriers. People are struggling to afford basic everyday needs and that includes healthcare, therapy, and medications and companies are struggling financially and have major workforce challenges. Our programs help employers attract to retain talent with health membership, subscriptions that cost pennies per hour and our members pay no out of pocket costs for care visits and medications. And our solutions are easy. Members can easily schedule appointments and transfer medications with a click of a button. We eliminated the confusion and our members have peace of mind. They simply access the care and medications they need when they need it.

Who is a good fit for ReviveHealth?

Well, we help small and large employers attract and retain talent with health membership subscriptions that cost pennies per hour. We help self-funded plan sponsors bend the trend and improve employee satisfaction, including with high deductible plans with first dollar coverage. We help fully insured sponsors reduce costs which helps 'em move into lower cost funding arrangements. And of course, most importantly we help every individual access timely and affordable care regardless of circumstance.

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Posted: Friday, October 28, 2022

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