Beam Dental

Beam Dental is a digitally native dental benefits provider that incorporates dental hygiene behavior into policy pricing, combining an easy-to-use online insurance platform, AI-powered underwriting, and the connected Beam Toothbrush for better overall wellness. Beam has raised over $160 million in venture capital funding and is one of the only digital-first companies within the $75 billion dental insurance industry. Beam also offers vision insurance, powered by VSP®, and group term life and disability coverage for employers of all sizes in partnership with Nationwide Insurance. Beam is available in 43 states around the U.S. and is accepted at over 400,000 access points nationwide.


What is Beam Dental?

Beam Dental is the first and the only digitally native dental insurance company. So, we work in the fully insured group benefits space and really have this vision around exceptional dental insurance. And so what does that mean from our perspective? It's three key concepts, easy, smart, and preventive. Easy is all about our digital infrastructure. Smart is all about our approach to underwriting. And I'm gonna talk about preventive here coming up. It's our dental wellness program.

How is Beam Dental different?

Our digital infrastructure provides this wonderful platform for cost-effective, a wonderful user experience and customer journey for all things dental insurance and other employee benefits. We'll talk about that in a sec, but let's focus in on what really makes us special. It's our dental wellness program. So we created a connected electric toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and other replacement heads. We give this to our members. It's a voluntary program, but it connects us to this idea that we're the only provider that uses preventative care as a mechanism for rewarding our end members and our groups. So our groups can see discounts at time of renewal. The members can get rewards like free replacement heads for the brush, or things like gift cards to popular retailers, just by brushing their teeth.

Who is a good fit for Beam Dental?

Beam works with fully insured employers of all shapes and sizes. So we underwrite down to two lives up to 2,500 on the large end. And we don't just do dental insurance. We also have vision, life, and DI products. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for the best employee benefits brokers in the world.

Duration: 02:06

Posted: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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