New Benefits

New Benefits aggregates the top non-insured employees benefits in the market, provides an innovative technology platform for employee engagement and business intelligence, and supports you with top-notch service and ready-to-go marketing collateral. Consolidation of vendors leads to lower pricing, less administration, and better engagement.


What is New Benefits?

We are an aggregator of non-insured benefits. And so, today there's brokers that are continually asked and asking us for solutions that fall into the realm of advocacy and pricing transparency, mental health, financial wellness. We even have solutions that fall into identity theft and pet care. And really what we're able to do is aggregate those solutions, multiple benefits into one single package, private label it, allow it to be your brand, your product, your solution, and thereby we become one point of eligibility, really streamlining the entire coordination of the process, one point of billing, and then for the employees, we become one point of access. So there's not multiple apps to download, multiple sign-ins to remember, really we're able to consolidate all of the information even the core benefit information into our app through our My Insurance feature and allow employees to really have their benefits streamlined through the mobile app with these additional services. And then finally, we provide that client portal where the employer and the broker and the consulting firm can see what that engagement actually looks like.

How is New Benefits different?

I think where we're different is we're often asked how do we compete with organizations that are already bringing telemedicine to the table or do we compete with this advocacy company? And my answer would be, if you wanna look at us just as those two solutions, then yes, we're probably a competitor, but I think where we differentiate is the fact that we can really pivot to meet the exact needs that your clients, the employer needs. Maybe they don't need telemedicine. Maybe they don't need the advocacy and transparency. We can carve those components out. Maybe they don't need either of those and they're looking to create kind of a culture boost solution where they're bringing in pet care and legal services and identity theft into one single solution. So really just providing access to the needs of the client.

Who is a good fit for New Benefits?

Employer groups of all sizes. We'll go down to a five life group. We've got employer groups that are employer paid, have upwards of 5,000 voluntary groups that are 90,000 lives, associations that are 250,000 lives. That stated, typically we're going to see consulting firms that are looking to kind of alleviate and lift that administration off of their teams, whether it's through that health pro or just consolidating the amount of benefit choices that an employer has given. At the end of the day, we're just here to support anybody who wants to work with us.

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Posted: Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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