Pratter (price matters) is a medical cost savings company with 5 cost savings & transparency platforms.

1. Money Map. “Where to get care.” Best-priced in-network providers eliminates the 1,000% pricing variation to save.

2. Pricing Portal. “What to pay.” The “Google search” for what care really costs for 17,000 care items.

3. Hospital Bill Eraser. “What not to pay.” 80M Americans are entitled to free care under the ACA and IRS 501r. We deliver it.

4. Pratter Report. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” We name names and show real price tags.

5. Search engine. Powered by over 1B claims.


What is Pratter?

Pratter means price matters. We are a medical cost savings and transparency company with five software platforms that save employers and employees money on healthcare. We have solutions for each they're quantifiable in rural Pennsylvania past year pandemic. We save 430% as an ROI during this difficult year.

How is Pratter different?

Pratter is different because we are independent of all insurance companies and we've created easy to use solutions with instant money incentives, and we can quantify the savings and measure the ROI. For example, our money map 1000% pricing variation, same care item in the same network by selecting the better price providers for blood work. Save $150 a blood draw for imaging save $700 on average by using preferred in network providers, GI scopes save $2,000. Use the urgent care instead of the ER, save $2,000. So we quantify this and then what we do is file you a report. You can literally see the names of your providers, where you're paying them and instantly we understand, and we can manage what we measure. We can do this because we are carrier free.

Who is a good fit for Pratter?

We currently have as clients, self-insured employers, self-insured unions, independent health plan, third-party administrators and brokers, including now voluntary benefit brokers. as we have solutions to help make a very average coverage, excellent with our solutions.

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Posted: Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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