Benepass is a benefits card for modern companies that combines pre-tax benefits and company-funded stipends all on a single card and mobile app. Benepass looks, feels, and works like every other great modern workplace solution.

Pre-tax benefits are a no-brainer for employers to offer their employees. They are a great way to give back to your employees without breaking the bank, because almost everyone has healthcare, dependent care, and/or commuting expenses. Benepass makes pre-tax spending seamless for companies and employees.

With Benepass, your employees can access all of their pre-tax benefits from one easy-to-use card, available both as a physical card or as a virtual card using Apple or Google Wallet. No longer do employees need to keep track of multiple cards and accounts for their pre-tax benefits.

On top of that, Benepass can also include company-funded stipends on the same card to take your benefits program to the next level. For example, many of their customers that have employees working remotely offer a work-from-home stipend and a parental support benefit to help their employees with children.

Benepass works with the company to set their benefit policy, but employees can flexibly choose how they want to spend their stipends. Benepass validates every transaction using AI to make sure employees are spending in line with their company’s policies. Here are some examples: Jamie, who is sick of sitting all day, could get a stand-up desk. Alex, who spends hours on Zoom calls, could get a fancy webcam, while Sam, who has two kids in middle school, could get them online tutoring or a babysitter. Employees love this level of flexibility with Benepass, so they can spend on what matters to them the most.

Benepass lets employers get creative with their benefit program. Other perks our clients offer include physical and mental wellness, professional development, and many more.

The Benepass mobile app provides a slick employee experience for using benefits on-the-go. Employees can easily pull up their virtual card on their phone, view their balance and benefits, track spending, and even manage reimbursements directly from their smartphone.

Plus, if any transaction requires substantiation, the user gets an instant notification on their smartphone and they can upload a photo of their receipt directly in the app.

Benepass is committed to making administration easy for employers. They automate all payroll adjustments, check for roster updates to invite new hires, and generate monthly reports with insights on utilization and spending delivered straight to your inbox, making it easier than ever to optimize your pre-tax benefits and company-funded stipends.

Benepass is a great fit for groups of any size - their clients include startups with <100 employees and publicly-traded, enterprise companies. Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day!

Duration: 02:54

Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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