Beam Benefits

Beam Benefits is a digitally-native employee benefits company offering dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental health plans that are easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to use.


What is Beam Benefits?

Beam Benefits is the first and only digitally native ancillary benefits company until 90 or 120 days ago. We were actually known as Beam Dental in the market. Our lead product is dental insurance for small and medium sized businesses. We still do that today in over 40 states around the country but expanding more broadly into other ancillary benefits. At Beam, you can get not just our industry leading dental insurance experience but also Vision, Group Life, LTD, STD and Supplemental Health Products as of this year as well.

How is Beam Benefits Different?

So Beam is different along a variety of vectors. We love trying to continue to be the simplest, smartest and most wellness focused company in the industry. We reflect that in a handful of ways. One of them is how quickly we partner with brokers to offer customized quotes. You can get a custom quote from Beam using our beam quoting tool in five to seven seconds. We love being able to implement new groups really quickly and with quality. We do that on average between one and three business days and we have the industry's only dental wellness program the Beam Electric toothbrush that's connected and feeds data into our mobile experiences. One of the many unique ways we bring an incredible experience at the member level, at the client level and at the broker level.

Who is a good fit for Beam Benefits?

So Beam loves partnering with brokers. We're doing it in over 40 states around the country. We serve brokers that are mom and pops all the way up to the big majors and everything in between and we love partnering and getting started with many of our broker relationships down market. So we love the entire fully insured spectrum for our business, but groups with fewer than a 100 employees end up really, really benefiting from Beam's automation, our people first solutions and our incredible technology. So it's a great place to start with Beam but we work expansively from 2 lives all the way up to 2,000 on the high end.

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Posted: Thursday, December 8, 2022

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