Regenexx is an orthopedic surgery alternative for self-funded employers that can reduce up to 70% of the MSK spend, with no PEPM. We provide employees with a nonsurgical option to reduce the need for up to 70% of elective orthopedic surgeries.


What is Regenexx?

Regenexx is an elective orthopedic surgery alternative for self-funded employers. Our goal is surgery avoidance. Approximately 15% to 20% of the health plan spending is on musculoskeletal conditions and elective orthopedic surgeries represent 50% of that spending. We can intervene on up to 70% of elective orthopedic surgeries, reducing the musculoskeletal spend by up to 70%. Also reducing employee downtime, rehab and opioid use. We fit in after conservative therapies are no longer helpful and before surgery. We have a national network of physicians who can address the entire musculoskeletal system and Regenexx has been performing these treatments since 2005.

How is Regenexx different?

We use a needle-based approach using the patient's own cells derived from blood platelets in platelet rich plasma or sometimes known as PRP, and their own bone marrow concentrate which contains stem cells to replace invasive and expensive orthopedic surgeries. So naturally this is less invasive with lower risk into the patient and making their recovery easier. Our national network of physicians are all musculoskeletal specialists trained in the precise delivery of these cells into arthritic joints and into injured areas using image-guided video x-ray or ultrasound. Regenexx can easily be adopted into a self-funded plan anytime throughout the year and is administered by more than 60 TPAs and covered under the stop loss. There's no cost to add Regenexx to the health plan and our services come with a national fee schedule. We're two-time winners of the EHIR Traction Award and part of Meritain Health's innovation in healthcare solutions.

Who is a good fit for Regenexx?

We do a lot in the self-funded mid-market space but we can work with any size self-funded employer who's looking for ways to control cost and provide innovative benefits to attract and retain employees. We're easy to work with and have a utilization strategy that comes at no cost and includes employee announcements, education and targeted outreach. We also provide quarterly reports to employers and advisors on the surgeries avoided to provide a transparent look at the cost savings.

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Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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