The nation’s first employee health plan that offers long-term cost control & stability for employers & an integrated, holistic experience for members. myTrueMD is Powered by True Captive Insurance.


What is myTrueMD?

MyTrueMD is a health plan for self-funded employers that is designed to provide an integrated, seamless, and holistic experience for members and long-term stability and cost control for employers. We founded myTrueMD because we recognize that it can be somewhat overwhelming for employers to move from a traditional, fully-insured health plan to the self-funded model. In the traditional, fully-insured arrangement, all of the components of the health plan are bundled into a package, and when we move from self-funding, we break that package apart so we can gain control, but that can be somewhat of a disjointed experience for employers and for members. We wanted to make it easy for employers and benefit advisors to move to self-funding without sacrificing the experience.

How is myTrueMD different?

So myTrueMD is designed with the members at the heart, so it is designed to meet the members where they are on their healthcare journey and in life, whether that be online, in their own home, or in their community. We want our members to get the care they need without worrying about the cost, and that's why we built this health plan with most services at $0 cost to the member. MyTrueMD comes with $0 unlimited virtual primary care, urgent care, and behavioral healthcare, $0 in-home diagnostics, $0 surgeries, procedures, and imaging, $0 labs, and broad access to doctors and hospitals. Every myTrueMD has a personal care team that knows the member, understands their benefits, and that can help guide the member to the right care at the right time and the right place. Our brand promise is to provide an experience that is personal, supportive, convenient, and reliable.

Who is a good fit for myTrueMD?

So for benefit advisors, myTrueMD is a turnkey, innovative health plan that you can offer your clients, that not only makes financial sense, but helps them attract and retain talent. MyTrueMD is powered by True Captive insurance, which provides long-term stability and cost control over employee healthcare expenses. True Captive insurance clients typically save 30 to 50% on their healthcare expenses over five years compared to a fully-insured health plan. While Captive membership is not required for access to myTrueMD, Captive members do receive a discount on the myTrueMD health plan.

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Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2022

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