Villyge is an employer-paid benefit for working families, Villyge provides ongoing guidance to managers in “real time,” and connects employees 1:1 with career coaches, family experts, and wellbeing specialists to support employees.


What is Villyge?

Villyge is an employer-paid benefit solution that takes a holistic approach to supporting working parents and caregivers. And we do that first by delivering one-on-one virtual assistance through our own network of experts. And while doing so we engage management in critical conversations to best support their employees. So, some examples of how Villyge experts help employees, navigating leave of absence, caring for an elder parent, career planning, or simply trying to get your toddler to sleep through the night.

How is Villyge different?

Villyge goes beyond supporting the working parent and caregiver. Villyge's dynamic platform supports not only the employee but their manager. Once the employee ops into letting their manager know about a specific life event, Villyge will trigger real-time micro learnings manager checklists, on-demand video trainings. So, both the manager and employee feel supported, but ultimately creating a win-win experience.

Who's a good fit for Villyge?

Villyge, our solution really is a fit for any size company who is looking to improve upon or create a culture of empathy, inclusion by supporting again, not only that working parent and caregiver, but their manager as well.

Duration: 01:41

Posted: Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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