Brella is supplemental health insurance designed to minimize financial hardships when unexpected medical issues strike. With a focus on simpler insurance, Brella's modern technology streamlines the member experience from enrollment to claims.


What is Brella?

Brella is the industry's newest and most innovative supplemental health insurance product available to groups of all sizes today. Brella is a modern alternative to traditional supplemental options built from scratch and based on the challenges our employees face today, not decades ago. We bring together simpler insurance and game-changing technology to deliver on our mission to help build a world where health hardships don't create financial burdens.

How is Brella different?

I'll focus on three things here, simplicity, claims technology, and results. In one product, Brella covers over 13,000 medical conditions across a wide spectrum of severity from cuts with stitches to cancer, eliminating the need for employees to choose from multiple products. And we trigger benefits solely on the diagnosis, not how, where, or what treatment may have been provided. Now with simpler insurance, we can leverage modern technology to deliver a 100% paperless claims process that asks only four questions and pays benefits within 72 hours to an employee's PayPal, Venmo, or their bank account. And finally, as we know, let's look at the results. Since our launch, half of our employer groups have contributed to Brella premiums with twenty-five percent paying the entire cost, validating that we're much more than just another voluntary benefit. Instead, we're a relevant part of the overall health plan strategy. And that's a big reason why we're seeing enrollment rates at three to four times industry averages.

Who's a good fit for Brella?

Brella works with employers of all shapes and sizes, Chris, across all industries, and today is available in 12 states. We expect that number to grow significantly throughout the first half of 2022. We're available to groups down to five eligible lives. We can be implemented on a standalone basis or on top of traditional health plans, making us really a great fit for any type of health plan strategy. And today we're partnering with innovative benefit brokers and advisors really looking to enhance their health plan options with both their current employer clients and their prospects. So to get in touch, we're on standby ready to help, simply send me an email to

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Posted: Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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