Aware Health

A musculoskeletal COE that combines behavioral and physical therapy to triage, diagnose and treat MSK conditions. We believe the patient/provider relationship is the key to unlocking better outcomes.


What is Aware Health?

Aware Health is the most comprehensive, upstream virtual MSK care provider. We know that images, injections, and surgeries are inappropriate for a first line of defense, and our mission is to avoid those things and provide employees with more conservative options. We do this by providing virtual physical therapy with health and wellness coaching to really develop programs that are holistic and preventative.

How is Aware Health different?

So, we're really proud to be in a pack of people who are doing great things in the industry, but our real difference lies in our ability to be more upstream and personalized than others. So when you think about the market, there are digital-first virtual care providers where, you know, you have an injury, and then you interact with primarily an app to do your treatment. For us, you're gonna always see a provider, and we're gonna be looking at all causal factors of your pain, so think your environment, your psychological state, and we're gonna treat you more holistically. We really believe in one-to-one provider relationships to diagnose and treat pain holistically. This leads to the industry's highest NPS, 108% functional improvement, a 97% surgery avoidance. 25% of members who have access to us use this at least once, and we get our employers a 3.2x ROI.

Who is a good fit for Aware Health?

So, if you are a mid-market employer or you're in the ecosystem of partners who support them, you are a good fit for us. If you have high MSK spend, so if your MSK spend is more than 10% of overall medical spend, or your PMPM is above $30, and you believe that the mind-body connection is really important, trusted provider-patient relationships are critical for treating people, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then we'd love to work with you.

Duration: 02:10

Posted: Saturday, January 27, 2024

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