NewHealth is listening to patients with real-time, verified, patient feedback on each claim. TPA's, employers, and patients are benefiting from considering prior patient experience.


What is NewHealth?

NewHealth is a customer feedback solution for group health insurance programs. NewHealth is listening to employees, and their families, about their healthcare experience. So every health insurance claim is automatically producing an opportunity for a patient to provide feedback on, for example, how did the doctor perform, or, tell us about the surgery, and three-day stay you had at this hospital. In addition, we wanted to hear how smooth, or difficult, it was to use the insurance. The results are anonymous, HIPAA-compliant, and aggregated, to help third party administrators, employers, and future patients, choose the best healthcare providers.

How is NewHealth different?

So think about what's out there today, to identify great docs, and great hospitals. Brokers are using Medicare scores, and employers, and their families are using Health grades, or WebMD. NewHealth is different from those solutions for a few reasons. Number one, every one of our reviews is verified by a claim. You cannot do a review, unless you've seen a particular doctor, or have gone to a hospital. Number two, the review experience is specific to why you saw the doctor. For example, diagnosis code, facility, and much more. Number three, our reporting is open source, meaning third party administrators, employers, and patients don't just see a one to five star rating. They see all the detail that's involved. And number four, our medical team has developed a our NewHealth score, which is weighted to focus just specifically on attributes that define high quality doctors.

Who is a good fit for NewHealth?

Really, any third party administrator is a great fit for NewHealth. NewHealth will increase employee satisfaction, by listening to employees and their families, and report the good and the bad. We also work with employers with 50 plus employees. typically, self-funded. Unions, and state plans are also a great fit. Just to highlight the benefit of the program, take a high costing hospital for one particular health plan, that might be sending say $11 million to that hospital, in one year. What do you know about this particular situation? Well number one is you know how much money you're paying them, and number two, you know what you're paying for. But number three, you may or may not know, as defined by Medicare, whether or not this is a good hospital. Wouldn't it be nice for NewHealth to come in, and tell you the experience that your employees, and their families, are having in that hospital, to help you make decisions? Thanks a lot, Chris.

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Posted: Friday, February 3, 2023

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