We help employers offer effective childcare benefits at no additional cost. Our technology platform enables companies of any size and footprint to access employer-sponsored childcare tax credits available to employers only in a flexible way.


What is Arvorie?

So we are a payments platform designed for tax credit compliance that enables employers to offer childcare benefits at no additional cost. Parents get additional dollars, employers gain a budget-friendly instrument for talent retention, and our technology assures the benefit program is compliant with the tax code. So companies have two ways to set up the benefit, the first one is a stipend program where the company fully funds the program having a residual incremental cost. And the second one is the trading program where parents participate, exchanging a small fraction of their salary for a much higher value childcare benefit. This program has a net-zero cost for employers.

How is Arvorie different?

So when we look at the other childcare benefit options, we are the only player providing programs with savings for employers. Traditional childcare operators often offer discount programs to large employers, and more recently tech-enabled businesses have emerged with curated services. In either case, the contribution to the root cause, which is affordability, is limited, saving families anywhere between five to 15% on childcare expenses. Due to the way our platform is designed, we can save parents up to 40% and companies up to 100%. This is huge.

Who is a good fit for Arvorie?

So all companies can benefit from our childcare benefits. However, companies should look at three aspects to see whether they will be able to benefit the most out of our benefit. Those are the companies' talent management strategy, demographics, and geographic footprint. So those companies that prioritize a family-friendly workplace and recognize the primary duties of their employees, and are looking for cost-effective solutions, will benefit the most. We also encourage companies that have anywhere between 100 and 4,000 employees to look at those offerings. And it's important to emphasize that we can serve companies anywhere in the U.S., but in particular, those companies who are embracing hybrid workplace arrangements and are based in New York.

Duration: 02:37

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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