ReviveHealth provides employers, and their employees, with easy and timely access to quality physical and mental health care, a personal collaborative care team, and prescription drugs all at no cost.


What is ReviveHealth?

What ReviveHealth is not, is we're not insurance. We are a subscription-based health offering that compliments fully insured plans. We do bundle solutions together that include virtual care, primary care, urgent care, mental health medications, wellness, fitness, and we allow people to live their best lives.

How is ReviveHealth different?

Well, how we're different is a few things. I'll just hit a few things, others can read this, but in general, when people come on to ReviveHealth for the virtual appointment, they get the same doctor each and every time, they build a relationship. Number two, we do integrate with the carrier. So we do send them encounter data and prescription data. Also, we do have a bi-directional medical record, so anything that's done on the appointment on ReviveHealth, the information is sent out to the brick-and-mortar doctors. And those doctor's information comes into us to avoid duplication redundancy and make it a better customer experience. And lastly, what I'd say is we do offer 250 different generic prescriptions for free. We do have no deductibles, no co-payments, any of that. Anything that's in our plan is free.

Who is a good fit for ReviveHealth?
Really right now, most of our customers are the fully insured and self-funded customers that have a high deductible plan, excuse me. They do have gaps in care because that deductible is high and it creates lack of affordability of care, sometimes lack of access to care. In addition, we do have people that are part-time employees, that are temporary workers, seasonal workers. And with the labor shortage, a lot of people are trying to attract additional talent so they'll offer our plan. But in general, it's for anybody that wants concierge's medicine, that has difficulty accessing care, mental health/physical health on a timely basis. Or someone that has a high deductible plan and does not want to have to spend their money and wants to get a free type of appointment. But it's really for anybody out there. We're getting interest from all over, from all different types of employers but employers are our main market.

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Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

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