Zakipoint Health

We help employers understand and focus on cost drivers & risks by steering members to appropriate places of care.


What is Zakipoint Health?

So we are serving the middle-market self-insured employer who really struggles with a couple of things. One is they're trying to deliver a good member experience, bring everything, all the innovative solutions, to the member, but it's very hard to engage that member. Secondly that a lot of the time employers are in the dark trying to understand what actions can they take and how do they drive those actions at a member level. So we do these two things. First is we bring together a beautiful member experience that pulls together, that serves the member on a health plan, whether that's for administrative things, whether that is for price transparency, compliance needs. So we bring together all that pricing data and cost quality data, and then we also bring technology to serve that member 24 by 7 through AI technology so that the member is not only served, but we can then use that to steer the member to the right places of care. So that's the first thing that we do, and then we take that exhaust pipe of all that interaction data to get to the employer where we provide a dashboard, a reporting engine that helps the employer better understand where the risks are, where the costs are, what actions to take and how to drive communication at a member level.

How is Zakipoint Health different?

So there are a lot of solutions out there, analytic solutions. There are a lot of member apps out there but nothing that brings together the two sides together through data. We bring data to the employer and the employee, and we make it actionable so that the employer and the benefit consultant can look at things, look at the data and drive actions at a member-cohort level and drive a specific action, whether that's to close gaps in care, whether that is to drive and steer the member that are, you know, going to the wrong places of care to the right places of care. So that's how we bring the data to action.

Who is a good fit for Zakipoint Health?

In order to serve and have impact on the middle-market self-insured employer, we help the TPAs and the forward-looking benefit consultants who are disruptive and bringing transparency kind of solutions in the market to enable them to actually deliver this level of impact.

Duration: 02:33

Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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