Angle Health

Angle Health is a full-stack carrier offering a digital-first health plan experience to brokers, employers, and members with frictionless quoting, management, and access in UT|TX|AZ|OH|IN|SC|MO|GA


What is Angle Health?

Angle Health is a new health insurance company coming to the market with a digital-first solution. Built under a new canonical data asset, we're able to connect underwriting to medical management to claims paying to the member experience. This allows us to deliver fully customizable benefits across a unified digital health platform with personalized mobile-first engagement, automation tools for brokers and employers, and the ability to instantaneously quote level funded solutions with firm rates for the two-to-50-enrolled employee market space.

How is Angle Health different?

Angle Health is different in that our product is a digital-first experience. Unlike a traditional carrier or TPA that may point to any of those bottom row items as their product, our digital-first experience is a frictionless quoting for the broker, a frictionless management for the employer, and a frictionless access for the member. Underneath that sits the ways in which employers transfer risks to us, which may be fully insured or self funded, depending on the state for which they reside in. But at the end of the day, our product is a digital-first experience, and our risk transfer solutions are the chassis for which an employer transfers the risk to our organization.

Who is a good fit for Angle Health?

Just about any client's a good fit for Angle Health. With our level funded health plans, we're able to instantaneously underwrite two to 50 enrolled employees, and in the 50 and up space, we're able to underwrite with just a member level census. Our level funded plans are designed to deliver predictable costs with stop-loss production, as well as plan design flexibility, and members and employers a seat at the table. We wanna deliver data that is manageable, accessible, and actionable, from our mobile first experience for members to our employer portal or even to our broker portal. Our goal here is to deliver a differentiated, digital-first experience, and our level funded chassis allows us to customize not only the plan, but also the product, and being able to bring in the point solutions that an employer may need and deliver everything through us as the health carrier, rather than have a hodgepodge or a smorgasboard of a variety of different point solutions with employees struggling to know what to go where, how, and when. We're able to drive them through the health plan.

Duration: 02:38

Posted: Thursday, November 3, 2022

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