GenuineShift provides unbiased business consulting & proprietary programs such as our Client Service Academy for insurance brokers of all sizes. More growth. Less firefighting. Create contrast. Lead with confidence. Clients hire you to be led.™


What is GenuineShift?

We provide unbiased business consulting and proprietary programs for insurance brokers of all sizes with the goal, fueling growth, optimize profitability and minimize friction. We're laser-focused on helping firms address our industry's talent crisis, which is not simply about the great resignation. It's focused on three other areas: Onboarding the new talent, accelerating growth for junior colleagues, and resetting and recharging veterans, for whom I have a particular passion.

How is GenuineShift different?

Well, my business consulting is broad. My client service first framework makes us different and the accompanying academies that we have put into place, producers cannot sell and scale on wobbly client service. That's one consistent thing I've seen over 30 years in this business. So, we have a variety of programs that range from a one-month bootcamp to 12-month academies, where we have in-depth training, coaching, and community-led by experts, who've actually done this work which removes a lot of the burden off the colleagues within a practice who are training their client service teams.

Who is a good fit for GenuineShift?

For general consulting, it's employee benefits brokerage firms of all sizes, structures, locations focused on growth, committed to talent development. Within the client service academy programming, it's client service professionals, junior and veterans, account execs, account managers, and benefits specialists.

Duration: 02:00

Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2021

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