TLC is a human connection diabetes care company which helps an individual with the disease manage their diabetes and related comorbidities.


What is TrueLifeCare?

We are a human connection, diabetes care solution. We offer RNs who are behavioral health evidence-based coaches to provide the tools, resources, education and support needed to effectively manage an individual's diabetes. We provide free testing supplies, unlimited supply, a free blood pressure cuff because 75% of people with diabetes also have hypertension. And our nurses are known as little angels on your shoulder there to help you in your quest to effectively manage your health.

How is TrueLifeCare different?

We're really different than a lot of the solution providers out there. We are a human connection solution. We are not a reactive digital solution. We believe that an individual can more effectively manage their diabetes when they are connected with somebody when they build a relationship with an individual. All of our nurses, as I mentioned before, are behavioral health evidence-based coaches. The first question that they ask is, so how did you feel when you were diagnosed and how's it affecting you and how has it affected your family? So they're skilled at developing a human connection relationship. And the beauty about our nurses is that they don't deal with just diabetes, but all of the related comorbidities. Most people don't have just diabetes, but they have issues with heart and with weight and with stress and with smoking. So our nurses help an individual with all of those issues. And we're not reactive. We don't wait until someone's sugar levels get high before we contact them. We're proactive. The moment someone's engaged in the program, the relationship is developed. And our engagement rates and retention rates are much higher than the national average. About 35 to 50% engagement and retention at 85% at the end of year two. Our program is designed to decrease the medical spend for those in our program.

Who's a good fit for TrueLifeCare?

Self-funded groups with more than 500 employees, employers who care about the health and wellbeing of their employees and any organization that wants to reduce the medical spend for their employees that have diabetes. It costs about four times as much to employ someone that has diabetes. So any organization that wants to reduce their medical spend is a great fit for TrueLifeCare.

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Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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