Specialty Care Management

We mitigate the risk of high-cost claims for dialysis with our flat, fixed, case rates that save an average of 78% on dialysis charges, without noise.


What is Specialty Care Management?

Specialty Care Management is a company that exists to mitigate the risk, of high-cost catastrophic claims. Particularly those for dialysis, or its upstream mitigation with kidney disease and cancer.

How is Specialty Care Management different?

Specialty Care Management offers a really unique solution for dialysis in particular, with our underwritten, flat fixed case rates, save an average of 78%, off of the charges for outpatient dialysis. Unlike your traditional cost containment solution, we're not a percentage of savings model, which is really unique, and we can save on dialysis, without the noise that some of these other solutions create. This graph that you see here, is a reflective of the value of the first dollar savings, for dialysis and beyond.

Who's a good fit for Specialty Care Management?

Really anybody who faces high-cost catastrophic claims, is a great fit for us, particularly those who are, in the self-funded market. We're not beholden to any networks. We can be put into place in just about any situation. And much of that is determined by our upfront legal and administrative review that we provide. And again, all of our solutions are implemented. There's no implementation fee or anything like that. If you have a need, we were likely a good fit.

Duration: 02:13

Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2022

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